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I make kombucha on a regular basis (cured me of my soda addiction) and I usually make it in batches every Sunday and nowadays instead of one crock pot brewing with the fermented tea, I have two brewing.

There’s a problem when you make your own kombucha. Each time you make another batch, a new SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) grows from the Mother SCOBY and soon you have SCOBYs all over the place! It’s kind of like making your own sourdough starter. After a while, you have too much and just gets hard to store all the extra “leaven”. I was doing a Google search a few weeks ago and I came across an ingenius recipe for leftover SCOBYs: candy!


Please excuse the dust! I burn a lot of incense at this table!

Yes, candy. I found the recipe here and I’ve finally tried it. I had about four extra SCOBYs so I used up two of them. Now, with recipes, of course, you can take them and make them with your own unique twist and so, being the ginger nut that I am, I followed the recipe

kombuchacandy2and I also added freshly grated ginger root to to the sugar syrup to flavor my candy. So the candy looks like this (these pics on the page are my pics of my own ginger kombucha-mother candy and yes, like the recipe says, it does indeed have the consistency of gummy bears) and mine have a strong ginger taste. It’s nice and sweet with the raw sugar crystallizing on the edges. I love it and it was a success. Now I know what to do with all those other SCOBY’s lying about the place. As you store them longer they become harder and more like the consistency of soft Jolly Ranchers. The recipe is as follows:

“Buchies” Cultured Candy

Once dried Buchies taste of delicious tart apple pie.  

What you need:

Peeled layers of Scoby, at least 1/4″ thick

Raw cane sugar

2 cups  50/50 sugar syrup

What you need to do:

Make sugar syrup ahead of time by combining equal parts raw cane sugar and filtered water.  Heat until sugar just dissolves, cool to room temp and reserve in a jar.  Peel 1/4″ thick layers of scoby mother, be sure to reserve an intact mother to continue your brewing.  Chop mother into 1″ pieces. In a wide baking dish, create alternating layers of pieces of scoby and a sprinkling of raw can sugar.  When you run out of scoby to layer, pour room temp 50/50 sugar solution over scoby until almost submerged. Tightly cover baking dish with lid or cello wrap and allow to marinate for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, put parchment paper on a baking sheet with raised sides.  Pour entire mixture onto baking sheet. Bake overnight at the lowest temperature your oven will allow.  For most residential ovens this will be 170*, propping open the oven door a crack and turning on the fan will create a better drying environment.  After 6-8 hours candy will resemble Gummy Bears, after 14-16 hours candy will resemble a soft jolly rancher.

Note: You may need more or less 50/50 sugar syrup depending on the amount of candy you are making.

Note:  If you have a dehydrator capable of drying at a lower (below 115) and longer  temperature do so.  This will preserve the live properties of the candy!  Drying in the wonderful sunlight is also an option, but will take much longer and you must be sure to cover it from other living creatures who will be interested in a treat.

And that’s the recipe in a nutshell. I mean seriously folks, I nearly ate half the jar in one night! :)

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